the nineteen sixty.
the nineteen sixty.

because we all have questions! and if you don't have questions, you should probably get some.

what is the nineteen sixty.?

We are a small business that we started, two sisters who are best friends, and our sweet basset hound, Harrison. It started with one birthday card for our uncle, and from there it took off.

We grew up always creating and always making. Soon this site will be back to our normal online studio. But for now, it’s just a spot for Jenna’s blog. :)

where can i find your stuff since it’s not here anymore?


(only select greeting cards & magnets available)

18 Buffalo St Suite 211, Hamburg, NY 14075

Blue Rooster Restorations

(only select greeting cards and card packs available)

180 Buffalo St, Hamburg, NY 14075

Just for now, until our online store is back up and running:

If you’re looking for any of our other items or a custom order, email to check availability and delivery options.

what else can we know about you?

Why wear shoes when you can be barefoot? I like to eat. Plants forever. I make a lot of jokes and I really think Jenna laughs more at me than at the jokes. I feel really strongly about asking to pet a dog before petting said dog. I sometimes eat so many carrots that my skin turns a little orange. I highly recommend the Razor's Edge with Bill Murray. I love farmers markets. I like wearing cotton t’s because comfort over everything. I’m a bit sassy. My dad raised me on "girl pwr" and I really like 60’s music. And you already know Harrison is my life so that's it for now. Bye. -K

I haven’t gotten to this yet. It’s on my to-do list though. Top priority. -J

do you donate?

$1 of every card purchased from The Harrison Collection will be donated to ABC Basset Rescue of NY. They’re really sweet.

how much do you like dogs?

The MOST. Send us a photo/story about your dog and you might just get a surprise…

We love coffee, creating what we dream, and our sweet dog harrison. Now it's your turn! Share with us what you love about us, what we can do better, or how your dog is doing! We'd love to know.

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