When Kellie and I were younger and we were off from school or it was summer break we would often have to go run errands with our Dad in the morning. Home Depot, Walmart, Media Play (RIP). It was always a rush because we had to get there and back before he needed to get ready for work. I was always dragging behind and displeased that I had to come along. I can remember this one specific time we were leaving Walmart and I was so annoyed I had to be at Walmart that as we were walking through the parking lot I lagged behind my father and sister. They were hustling along to the car with my dad yelling, ‘Jenna, pick it up! Let’s go!’ Kellie’s tiny legs had to take three steps to keep up with my Dad’s one step. Well naturally I didn’t pick it up because, well to be honest, I was problematic and stubborn. You’re probably wondering why I’m telling you this story. Well it turns out I’m still problematic and I’ve dropped the ball this week. I do not have a completed blog post that I feel is my best work and ready to be published. So I hope you enjoyed this short little story and I assure you by next Wednesday I’ll have my act together and a new blog post will be ready for you! 

be unapologetically you.

love, j