Hello everyone! If you’re just joining us, welcome! My name is Jenna and I am one third of the nineteen sixty.  My sister Kellie and our basset hound Harrison make up the other portions.  Together we aim to spread love and kindness with our art and Harrison’s presence.  The last two years have been life changing.  Harrison is the sweetest little thing that I have ever seen so I wanted to incorporate him into the blog.  It’s no secret that Harrison is the king and he gets the best of the best.  Today I am sitting down with Kellie (his mum) to ask her what she recommends for all dog owners so the pups of the world can live their best lives!  After a lot of research and trial and error Kellie has narrowed down and found the best products and procedures for keeping Harrison healthy, safe, and happy! So read on for a Q&A to get to know Harrison and his must have essentials for all dogs!

Jenna: Where does Harrison’s name come from?

Kellie: Harrison Rye Whiskey. All of his siblings in the litter were named after types of alcohol.  Harrison Rye Whiskey is very expensive and said to be priceless - just like Harrison!

J: When did you know that you wanted to start sharing Harrison’s pictures with other people? Has he always been a source of light and joy?

K: Everyone smiles when they see him and it brightens their day. It has always been about taking artsy pictures of Harrison - for anyone who needs a smile.  I took photos of him so that I would always be able to smile whenever I looked back on them.

J: How many beds does Harrison have?

K: All of them.

J: Are all dog leashes created equally? Which brand do you use most often?

K: Absolutely not.  Do you know how much money I spent until I found a really great quality leash? I use Mendota leashes even though they aren’t vegan because they have a small piece of leather on them.  They are made in the USA which is really important to me.  I used to have calluses on my hands from other leashes before I found Mendota.  

J: What is one of the most important products in keeping Harrison clean?

K: Coconut oil.  He eats it with peanut butter and it keeps his coat clean and odor free. Also the solid colored microfiber towels from Bone Dry.  They work beautifully and I haven’t used a regular towel since getting these.  You can normally find them pretty cheap at TJ Maxx companies (5.99 - 7.99) or on Chewy ($9.99 - $19.99).

J: What are Harrison’s favorite type of dog toys?

K: Peanut butter bones that you can actually lick peanut butter out of and anything that makes noise.  He loves a good tug a war toy whether it’s a snake from the store or a string of his Poppi’s socks.

J: What is your secret to keeping Harrison’s coat so soft and silky?

K: Coconut oil.  It truly does wonders.

J: Where is Harrison’s favorite place to take a nap?

K: On top of you.  He loves to cuddle.

J: Most dog treats and cookies are over processed and have a lot of added ingredients that aren’t good for dogs (or humans).  What do you give Harrison in place of these unhealthy treats?

K: Fruit, vegetables, and homemade cookies. Oats, banana, carrot or apple, and oat flour.  That’s all I use to make his dog cookies. He LOVES celery, he gets a stalk a day.

J: What product(s) have you used in the past that weren’t of the highest quality?

K: Most poop bags aren’t of great quality.  I use Earth Rated which are scented, thicker, and are compostable/recyclable.  Good toys cost more and are safer for your pet because they won’t be able to rip the toy apart as easily.  I’ve never used them but I don’t recommend rawhide toys.  I’m very cautious before buying something because 1. I want the highest quality and 2. I don’t want to waste money.

J: What dog food does Harrison eat? Does he take any supplements?

K: Eukanuba Excel Adult Salmon flavor.  He takes a vitamin every day and I would like to give him a joint supplement after I do more research.  His little bones need lots of protection!

That’s the inside scoop on Harrison’s life! If you want more Q&A style blog posts like this please let me know in the comments below!

give a dog a hug today.

love, j