Autumn Favorites

Hello friends! October is approaching its end so I thought today might be the perfect day to share with you everything I have been loving this season.  We are about a month into autumn and we still have more to go before winter hits us so you have more than enough time to head out and get all of these things for yourself! And lets be real, my minimalist self will be using these things all through winter and probably most of the year to be honest.  Just a little reminder I do not profit from any of these links if you decide to purchase an item.  I simply linked them here for your convenience if you decide you want an item! Everything below has the J & K stamp of approval.  Goodbye October, hello November! (Oh, and Happy Halloween to anyone out there celebrating!)



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I am in love with my new AEO jeggings. They are extra high waisted so they smooth out my curves in all the best ways and they wrap tight around my calves and ankles so I don’t have any bunching when I wear booties or tall boots.  Is there anything better than a high waisted jean? It can make an outfit and give you all the confidence in the world.  I recently purchased a dark wash jean and a black pair so they are super versatile in my closet with all my fall tops and sweaters. Another great perk is that AE sells this jean in multiple washes and also offers pairs with trendy rips.


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I was shopping with my mom and sister and while I was trying on a slew of things my sister popped in with this denim shirt for me to try on and a super cute grey tank for underneath.  It is fair to say it is one of my go to outfits now! The denim shirt is so soft - softer than you even know - and it is perfectly oversized so it looks awesome with skinny jeans and boots.  There are a few different washes of this denim shirt but I prefer the lighter one because I can wear it with black jeans or a dark wash jean.  I have worn this several times and washed it so I will tell you the quality is amazing.  You get what you pay for.  If you’re looking for a shirt you can wear all fall and winter and then into spring this is the perfect choice for you.


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I passed this jacket in TJ Maxx on a new rack that hadn’t even been put out and immediately thought of my sister.  Before it was even put on the shelf my sister passed it, picked it up, and fell in love. It was $39.99 at TJ Maxx which makes it an exceptional deal.  It is a perfect army/olive green color with black and white accents on it.  The hood has a stipe on it with text reading ‘the brand with the three stripes’ and some really cool pocket detailing.  It is a mens jacket but honestly mens jackets can sometimes be a better deal.  They are often cheaper, better quality, and offer a little more room in them for wearing sweaters underneath.  We found this jacket at TJ Maxx so I couldn’t find the exact same item to link but I do have something similar from Fortune NY if you’re interested in that style!    


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We were attending an outdoor wedding in mid October so Kellie was searching for a new pair of boots.  We found ourselves at DSW and almost instantly Kel fell in love with these boots. These boots are made of all manmade materials (yay!) and are tall enough that they keep your feet and legs warm and dry.  The other nice thing is that they have a soft, cushioned footbed.  Rubber rain boots can be stiff and plastic-y sometimes so it’s nice to have a pair that give your foot some support on those rainy fall days (or weeks as we are experiencing currently!) Fifty bucks is a great deal for a solid pair of boots that are guaranteed to last you a few seasons.



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These blankets aren’t new to my home but I love scooping them up every season.  New blankets are heavenly especially when they are oversized and perfect for cuddling up in.  I tend to choose more neutral colors like black, gray, or a cream color but these blankets are offered in several different colors. I always get mine at TJ Maxx for $29.99 but I wasn’t able to find it online so I linked the blanket from Amazon.  It is immensely more expensive but trust me you can find these blankets in store at any TJ Maxx (especially with the holidays coming up - they make a wonderful gift!) I have the oversized king because I love being able to wrap it around me and cuddle up with it as a pillow at the same time.  The blankets are offered oversized in any size bed though so choose what works best for you.


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Kellie and I created this piece a few weeks ago and it look so amazing on the wall!! It looks way better than I envisioned it so I am thrilled with that.  It only takes about 30 minutes to make and it is neutral enough that you can leave it up all autumn and even into winter by changing the yarn or adding snow. I wrote a blog post about it and have it linked above if you missed it or are interested in making one for yourself! If you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year it could be a great addition to a wall or even your door for very minimal cost!


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Oh. My. Maple. This candle smells so freaking good it makes me want to have maple lattes and pancakes soaked in maple syrup all day long. I found this candle at TJ Maxx (can you tell I like shopping there?) for $9.99 but if you can’t find it at your local TJ Maxx you can buy it directly from Village Candle for a little bit more money. They also offer it in smaller sizes if you want to try it but don’t want to pay $23.00 for the 26 oz jar. I assure you this is one of the best fall candles I have ever had! I’ve been enjoying mine since the day I brought it home and it’s already about a third of the way gone! I’m addicted to it. 


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Last Christmas my family surprised me with a giant collectors edition Monopoly game.  It is over sized, made of wood and stands about an inch and a half off the table with a drawer to hold all the game pieces.  It is white with gold accents and I absolutely adore it.  Granted this board cost about $100 but I love it and cherish it so much.  I love playing Monopoly with friends and family when it gets chillier outside so I will be using my very expensive monopoly board for many years to come.  If you are looking for a fun game to play on a rainy afternoon or at a family gathering Monopoly could be the way to go! Great conversation emerges over a Monopoly board. I’ve linked the classic monopoly board above which will not break the bank but will be just as fun.


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This was also a gift from last Christmas but I love it! Essentially there are easy, medium, and hard puzzles staged in a booklet so you just place the pegs and then solve away.  It puts a fun and sophisticated spin on doing sudoku out of the newspaper.  I love sitting in bed at the end of the day and playing a game of sudoku to challenge my brain one last time before I let it rest.  I found this board at Barnes and Noble but I am sure they sell it many places with the holidays just around the corner (it makes a great stocking stuffer!)



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Okay my friends - here is what you have been waiting for.  These are most definitely the best premade GF & vegan cookie dough bites you can find on the market.  This brand has out done themselves with all of their products.  I have linked the fudgy brownie cookies above because, hello, 1. fudgy, 2. brownie, 3. cookie! They are perfect just out of the oven and still super soft and chewy on day two.  To be honest I almost love them more after they have cooled with some coconut whipped cream on top. Mmm… Follow the link above to their website where you learn where to find this cookie dough in your area. Bonus: they just came out with edible cookie dough so get out your sweats and enjoy!


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My mom made a horrible choice by introducing my sister and I to this. We can’t stop eating it!! It is so delicious on everything: fruit, cookies, pancakes.  It is also incredible just in a bowl and eaten with a spoon. No judgements here. If you’re looking for the perfect snack or dessert option on a fall evening look no further than adding this whipped topping to anything (such as those Sweet Loren’s cookies above).