Easy & Extraordinary Gift Wrap Ideas

Hello wonderful people! It’s Wednesday again so that means a new post.  The Christmas season is my favorite time of year because I get to put all my favorite skills to use like baking, hostessing, and gift wrapping.  I don’t know about you but I love wrapping presents. I always go all out for any type of present but especially with Christmas gifts I love to make them all sparkly, wintery, and coordinating with each other.  I’m going to share some of my tips with you on how I take my presents from ordinary to over the top Pinterest worthy.  I am biased but I swear other people will love the little details you add to your wrapping because it extends the joy of the present from the moment they receive the gift to when they actually use the gift inside.  Before you go to the store and buy any wrapping supplies do a little brainstorming. Examine what kinds of gifts you have to wrap and decide if you will be needing boxes, bags, clear wrap, etc.  Once you know what you have to wrap you can buy accordingly so you don’t over buy.  My present wrapping tends to always be very natural looking with a touch of glitter but if you plan on changing up your wrapping style each year you don’t want to be left with too many extra wrapping supplies.  Always take into account what you already have and see if you can use that or reuse wrapping from the previous year.  I save fun bows, tags, and other wrapping if it is in good shape to repurpose the following year.  Once you know what direction you want to go it’s time to get into the fun stuff! My favorite go to present toppers are small ornaments, anything with glitter, and chocolate. 

the prep stage


Before I start I lay out all of my wrapping supplies so I can see what I have and make sure everything goes together.  I love seeing my presents under the tree looking all aesthetically pleasing and such.  It’s like having one of those staged trees you see in hotels and movies except it is so much better because the presents are beautifully wrapped by you for your friends and family! The smiles on their faces when they see my gift are the best part! When you hear the line ‘It looks too pretty to unwrap!’ you can rest easy knowing you have achieved the title of ultimate gift wrapper.  By laying out all of your supplies you can see the aesthetic and start mixing and matching for each present.  Do not skip this step - it is key to making you a pro gift wrapper!


the easy way out

If you aren’t great with the actual art of wrapping this tip is probably going to help you the most! Whether you don’t have the time or you don’t have the patience to sit down and wrap a gift box you can always dress a gift up with a beautiful gift or storage box.  I found this sparkly box at TJ Maxx for about $6 and it was literally the easiest thing ever.  The lid has glitter and a bow on it so I just put all my gifts inside (I wrapped them because I’m extra but you could just toss them in with some tissue paper and call it a day) and just like that I have a super sparkly gift ready to go.  Bonus: the gift box now acts as part of the present so the receiver can reuse the box for another present or for storage in their own home!

3D wrapping for the win


The blanket in this box came from the store on a hanger but while trying to wrap it I felt the hanger cheapened the blanket and also I didn’t like the way it was folding in the box.  So I simply snapped the wooden hanger and slid it off the blanket.  The blanket was still folded with all tags from the store but this way I was able to fold it and wrap it the way I liked so don’t be afraid to alter gifts if they aren’t exactly what you want.  A blanket and a chocolate bar combo is one of my favorite gifts because who doesn’t love that? I decided to go with a garland piece for the present topper because it matched the blanket and brought the coziness factor to the top of the package.  I actually cut this piece from a garland we had in our decorations but you can use any type of accent for the top.  In years past we have actually used pine branches from the trees in our yard.  Just remember if you are going to use pine branches you cant attach them to the present until the day you will be gifting it or the branch will not look fresh.

tiny box, huge impact


If you’re gifting someone something that is physically smaller and you want to show off its grand nature in its tiny box my pro tip is to use a present topper that is just as large as the box.  Smaller presents can be dressed up perfectly to make just as much of an impact as a bigger box.  In this case I wrapped my small box in a simple paper and used a glittery snowflake with a diameter that matched the length of the box for my topper.  I also used a thicker green yarn to add to the perception that there is more going on with this tiny box.  Wonderful gifts come in all shapes and sizes so it is important to showcase each gifts unique size.

goodie bags upgraded


I feel like the common perception of putting a gift in a bag is that it is easy.  While that may be the case for some gift wrappers I love using a bag to put lots of little gifts into.  Opening a bunch of little gifts out of one back is so fun! The only way to wrap a gift in a bag correctly is to individually wrap each smaller gift and then place in the bag with fluffy tissue paper coming out the top.  The final step is a cute hanging candy cane ornament from the outside of the bag.  In case you didn’t notice through this post I love present toppers.  I don’t usually gravitate towards traditional bows because I like to add something that can be reused as decor or an ornament. 

I hope this post inspired you to add a little something extra to your gift wrapping this year.  It’s crunch time, people! Christmas is just around the corner so wrap your gifts, get them under the tree, and send us a picture on Instagram @theninteensixty.  I’d love to grab some inspiration from you - creativity comes from all around you so share ideas with friends!  I hope this holiday season is treating you well.  Talk to you next week!

get sparkly.