DIY Christmas Gifts In An Afternoon!

I usually like to get my Christmas shopping done early so I have time to enjoy the holiday season and do things like decorating, baking, Christmas movie binging, etc. I really love to give handmade gifts and put together personalized gifts for all the friends and family on my list. This year however I am quite behind so I thought I would share my DIY ideas for you that I’ll actually be gifting to friends so I can get a blog post out for you and get my presents done! Loveee it! I’m really trying to think outside the box here and give you some new ideas rather than the typical spa in a Mason jar or chocolates glued on a wine bottle.  Not that they aren’t great ideas but this year let’s shake it up with something new! Let me know if you make any of these DIY gifts and share a picture with us on Instagram @thenineteensixty.  The best part about a DIY gift is even if you follow this post your gift will still come out completely unique and perfect!

For the jewelry lover


Jewelry can get expensive and if your friend is particular about what they wear it can also get expensive.  Kel and I crafted two different necklaces - one a bit more eccentric and the other more minimalist.  For this we simply used wire, beads, and thread that we already had.  If you need to purchase supplies you can get these super inexpensively at a craft store but don’t forget to ask a friend if you can use any extra supplies they may have laying around as well! And if you don’t have pliers you can ask a friend for those as well or raid your dad’s tool box like we did.  To make a swirly eccentric necklace for your friend with wild taste just twist the wire into spirals and add beads as you like.  Once you have a piece that is just a few inches long and will rest nicely on the neck add thread to both ends.  I used a few different colors to give it a more elaborate look and you can also braid or knot the thread to give more detail.  Cut the thread in an appropriate length for your friends neck and voila! You’ve just made a beautiful piece of jewelry that you can assure your friend no one else will be sporting! 


For the friendly friend 


So as you may or may not know we craft and sell greeting cards as the base for our business so we have blank cards on hand always.  I love gifting cards and stationary because I love to support the idea that people should still be pen pals! I believe sending a handwritten thank you note or a simple card to say ‘I’m thinking of you’ should be something we do as a society.  The mail shouldn’t just be for bills.  I love sending cards to people so it is only natural that gifting some friends a stationary pack would be my go to.  For this I simply took some blank cards, a few sheets of patterned paper that I thought had a clear aesthetic, and found a fun stamp based on the friend I was gifting it to.  Our stationary packs have five cards in them but you can put as many in your pack as you would like.  Stamp as many stamps as you need, cut them in squares, and adhere them to the patterned paper onto the front of the card.  If you don’t have a stamp you can doodle on each card or write an inspirational message on the front of each card.  After all of your cards are done you can pack them in a little box like I did or tie them together with ribbon or yarn.  To step this gift up even more you can put the cards in a cute box with fancy pens and stickers from the stationary aisle (I’m obsessed with the stationary aisle at TJ Maxx).  Your friend will love this gift and bonus you might even get one of those cards in return!


For the decor expert


Do you have that friend with the super aesthetically pleasing and totally put together house or apartment? Or the friend whose decor is always on point and totally matches their personality? If you have a friend who is super into the interior design of their living space then you can craft them something personal and exceptional that will add a new level of emotion to the space.  Our business also sells a line of framed art (Art by Kel) that my sister hand draws so again I was naturally drawn to this idea.  I love finding hidden treasures at thrift stores and flea markets so check out those areas for frames that you can DIY and put a super cool quote into.  You can add an inspirational quote, something that is an inside joke between you two, or find something humorous and punny for your jokester friend.  Kel updated this frame by scratching it with a blade to give it texture and hide the few scratches that were already in it from the thrift store.  It was just such a cool metal we couldn’t pass it up.  She then added the words ‘thanks for dropping by’ which someone could easily put by their front door or you could put it in the bathroom (get it?) Punny is always funny! Regardless of what you decide to put in the frame your friend will love it because you made it yourself and it expresses something you share in your friendship. 

For the creator

Whether you have a friend who likes to write stories, journal, doodle and draw, or plan and bullet journal a new journal with thick pages and a cover designed by you will be the perfect gift.  I am partial to journals that have pages with brown paper that are blank or with dots almost acting as graph paper.  A blank page has endless possibilities.  Sketches and doodles love blank pages but so do lists, stories, and thoughts.  For this project you can literally do anything to the journal with any supplies you have.  You can add 3D elements, yarn and ribbons, paint, glitter, you name it and you can add it.  Our journal already had a cool gold stripe detail on it so Kel added paint and doodled all over it with inspiring quotes.  Specifically GIRL POWER and don’t be lazy because those are both very important messages one should see on their journal! You could paint or write one quote on the entire front of the journal or just do a marbled paint design on it by adding some paint drops and just rolling them around.  Nothing is wrong here - it’s okay if the journal doesn’t look like a journal you find manufactured in the store.  You want yours to look different and unique just like the friend you are giving it to.


I hope you got some good gift ideas from this post! I have one more DIY gift that you can literally put together in five minutes in case you need a last minute gift for a party or someone you accidentally forgot.  There’s no shame, we’ve all forgotten someone on our gift list at one point - the holidays are hectic! That’s why it is a good idea to have this bonus DIY gift idea in your back pocket.  If you’re interested check out our Instagram story next week for the easy 5 minute how to. I’ll give you a hint: it’s a delicious gift . . . 

go get crafty.