You are probably reading this post because you’re feeling overwhelmed by keeping your apartment or house clean and organized. After reading this I promise you will have made a positive change in your living space that will result in your increased happiness! Most of us don’t know where to start when reorganizing and simplifying our living spaces (trust me, I didn’t either until I did some major reading and soul searching) so it’s helpful to have a little guidance.  Here are seven simple things you can do today to simplify, declutter, and feel like a major boss!



recycle/donate old magazines

If you have any magazines laying around that you don’t need for reading, recipes, or other articles consider donating them to a local library or recycle them! If you are holding onto a magazine for just one page then cut that page out and save it where you’ll use it! Put recipes in the kitchen, put a DIY face mask article in your bathroom, etc.  Once you clear off the coffee table and kitchen counters you’ll already feel your space getting refreshed! If you have a few magazines that you love flipping through regularly set those on your side tables with a cool lamp or on a shelf near your plants so they double as your home decor.



shred old bank statements, bills, and junk mail

If you haven't signed up for paperless billing from your bank and/or credit card company you should consider doing that today. Not only does it cut down on unnecessary mail cluttering up your counters and space, but it does a lot of good for the environment! Just take 20-25 minutes and collect all the bills and statements you do not need (remember to save any documents you may need for tax purposes, etc.) and shred them, rip them up, and/or recycle them. If you have an area for your mail to be stored make sure it is cleaned out of any flyers or junk mail that you don’t need either. Recycling all of this paper that is simply cluttering up your precious space will get you so hyped to finish the rest of this list!


dispose of outdated medication and supplements

This step is so important! Your medicine cabinet, closet, or bathroom cupboard space can be limited so you need to be selective when making decisions on what you choose to store. Often people buy a vitamin/supplement, pain reliever, or prescription and don’t finish the entire package when their pain or sickness has relieved itself.  Today is the day to go through any bottles or boxes of medications and supplements and get rid of them. You’ll want to check for dates on everything - if it’s outdated, it’s garbage! You’ll also want to decide if the medication was helpful to you and if you would use it again.  If you didn’t like the way it worked then toss it! You should be able to free up some space and have only medications and supplements that you actually need. I’ve included a link here for instructions on how to properly dispose of certain potentially dangerous medications.  You may also contact your local law enforcement to learn more about a drug take back program in your local community.  It is important to dispose of prescription medication properly so it doesn’t end up harming anyone.


downsize your nail polish collection

Whether you keep your nail polish in your bathroom, bedroom, or spread throughout your apartment/house, collect it all and see what you actually have. Nail polish collections can get out of control very, very quickly. There are so many amazing colors to have in your collection it’s hard not to pick one up every time you go to the store.  Sadly, most of the nail polish in your collection has probably only been used once or twice. Get serious with yourself and pull out colors that fit your style, your closet aesthetic, and most importantly save the colors that make you happy.  If you can honestly see yourself wearing a polish in the next three months then save it. If not, consider donating unopened or like new nail polish to a young girls’ home or other organization.  For the nail polish you save it can be a great functional decor item as well. When you downsize to just the colors you actually love chances are they are the same colors you display in your home decor. You can use a few bottles to accent your succulent on a shelf or put them in a glass bowl on your coffee table next to your favorite candle. Bonus - if the nail polish is out where you can see it, you’re more likely to use it so you’ll feel like a total boss all the time!


recycle plastic food containers

Alright everyone, it’s 2018 and we should not be using plastic anymore! I am not here to preach to you but if you don’t know why plastic is bad for food storage or for reheating your food, you should investigate a little bit.  Plastic is also very bad for the environment so if you want to make a great change for yourself and for the environment head into the kitchen and find that dreaded plastic container cupboard or drawer (everyone has one, don’t lie to yourself) and empty it! If your containers are very well used toss them in your recycling bin.  If you have containers that look brand new you can consider donating them or you can recycle these containers as well.  Now that you have gotten rid of all that plastic your new life is about to begin! First off, you’re going to love that extra storage in your house! I recommend getting ceramic or glass bowls for taking lunches to work or storing leftovers.  You can find these bowls in most stores such as T.J. Maxx or with an online retailer such as Amazon.  You’ll only need two or three so this won’t break the bank and it won’t take up as much space as the plastic containers. If getting rid of all of your plastic containers seems a little daunting then just downsize your collection a little today. Getting rid of just three containers today is better than skipping this step all together.


put the junk drawer in the trash

Yes, you read that correctly. Put the junk drawer in the trash. Empty the contents of your junk drawer, bin, or cabinet into your garbage right now.  Your junk drawer is chaotic and you probably never even open it (except to put more junk into it).  Recycle any paper and throw everything else away. Dried up pens, broken rubber banks, expired coupons, ugly nail polish - the list could go on and on! Once you clean up this drawer you will be able to organize it effectively. You can store your spare dish towels in this drawer or you can organize your utensils into it. My favorite option is leave the drawer empty. I know it sounds crazy but if you leave it empty you will feel lighter knowing you don’t have extra stuff in the drawer for no reason.


make your bed

For our last tip to declutter today, you’re not going to actually get rid of anything. By making your bed you will feel like you have cleaned up and decluttered because your space will now look more inviting and spacious.  Fold your blankets, straighten your pillows, smooth out your duvet, and spritz a little essential oil around for an overall amazing vibe. When you make your bed you are more inspired to clean up clothes and other clutter around your bedroom. Plus, after the amazing work you've done in all the steps before this you deserve to fall into a welcoming, comfy bed tonight! 

If you complete this list let me know in the comments below! I'd love to hear what you liked about it, if you struggled with anything, and any other concerns you have about this topic! Stay tuned for more posts about home decor and organization, vegan lifestyle and recipes, and more!

until next time, j