10 ways to improve your life today

Life moves so quickly around us that we sometimes get lost in it and worn down.  If you need to be lifted physically, emotionally, and spiritually this week then here are ten easy choices you can make to get yourself to a positive, feel good place!


1. Skip the alcohol.

Whether you go out with friends after work for cocktails or you stay in with a glass of wine, I urge you to put the alcohol away for seven days.  You’ll be surprised at how much changes! You’ll sleep better, eat better, and you will have more energy for your responsibilities and recreational activities. If you still want to go out just ask for water with a lemon/lime slice in a glass. Most people won’t even realize you’re drinking water and you’ll feel better about yourself for hydrating your body in a positive way.  This isn’t to say you can’t ever have alcohol again - just try one week without it and let your body recover a bit.  


2. Cook all of your meals yourself.

If you don’t regularly cook this may seem a little daunting but I promise you can do it.  Start with something small and easy and then work your way up to more intricate meals.  The best way to learn to cook is by utilizing Pinterest and YouTube.  Find a recipe and just go for it! You can make a few overnight oat jars for a few days of breakfast or a delicious, fresh smoothie (check out the best smoothie recipe here.  You can put together your own fruit salad for a refreshing snack or lunch option!  Get a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables from your local market to make salads for lunch or find an easy recipe you can multiply into enough lunches for reheating for a few days (here is a great lunch/dinner option that is super easy and ultra tasty!). 


By staying home and cooking for yourself you’ll save money, eat a healthier meal with fresher ingredients, and you will feel totally accomplished once you see the final result. Teaching yourself to cook or just venturing into new recipes is a great mood booster. Invite a friend over and you can cook together if you need a little extra moral support.  So go ahead and post a picture on your Instagram story - show the world what you can do!


3. Practice yoga.

Whether exercise is a part of your daily routine or not you should definitely do a 10-15 minute yoga routine either each morning or each evening.  Simple stretching can rejuvenate your body and give you a new breath of life.  I encourage you to check out YouTube for videos on various stretch routines for the morning and the evening. Blogilates on YouTube has so many great options that will make you excited to do your yoga! Choose a time that works best for you and your daily schedule.  


4. Paint your nails.

This may seem small but having freshly painted nails will give you an amazing confidence boost. Even if you don’t regularly paint your nails you should take 15-20 minutes to file your nails and tend to your manicure.  Adding a clear polish gives you nails a beautiful shine and can give you an amazing boost if you’re feeling a little down! Do your best to never leave the house with chipped nail polish. If you don’t have time to put a fresh coat on you should at least take 30 seconds to clean off the remnants of last week’s manicure.  You’ll not only send a message to the world that you are confident and put together but you’ll feel great about keeping your own manicure in check!


5. Make your bed each morning.

This is so important! I mentioned this in our recent post about decluttering your home.  You need to make this task a part of your morning routine.  You’ll feel like a total boss ready to conquer the day when you leave your bedroom looking tidy. Checking something off of your to do list early in the morning makes you more productive for the rest of the day. When you return to your bedroom for the evening ready for relaxation and serenity you will be so glad you made your bed.  Warm blankets and plush pillows make your bed so inviting and comfortable to climb into.  Trust me, making your bed each day is going to make you feel like a superstar. 


6. Do an all natural face mask.

You can find various face masks at any super market, drug store, or other various retailers but all face masks are not created equally. While a portion of these will work just fine and leave your face feeling refreshed you should try an all natural face mask.  What does this mean? You can make your own face mask by following any of the many recipes you can find on Pinterest with fresh, real ingredients or try a vegan and environmentally friendly brand such as TruSelf Organics. This is a brand I adore using because they are vegan and their formulas are so great for your skin! Once you use the mask your face will be thanking you!


7. Eat an apple.

You would be amazed at what a single apple can do for you.  Apples are so amazing for your physical and mental health.  They do say ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away…’ so try substituting a calorie heavy snack or dessert with a fresh, crisp apple.  If it’s apple season, head down to your local outdoor market and find your favorite variety! Otherwise you can head to the supermarket and stock up because an apple a day will have you feeling like the strongest version of yourself every day! Mix it up by spreading a tablespoon of almond butter on a few slices. Mmm…


8. Buy a plant.

A small succulent or a tall potted floor palm can breathe so much life into your living or office space! I encourage you to get a plant for all of your most used spaces.  Floor plants can also help clean the air that you’re breathing! Remember to get a plant appropriate for the lighting in your space and pay attention to how much water your new little plant is going to need.  If you prefer fresh cut flowers find a vase you love and add some color to your space with beautiful wildflowers! You can often find some unique, antique vases at a thrift store or flea market. Nature has the most vibrant colors and textures so by bringing those into your space you are going to feel more creative and connected to nature.


9. Put down the phone, read a book.

Our electronics can take up a lot of our precious time.  It can be your source for anything you need to know - recipes, news updates, weather, social events, etc. Your phone, tablet, or laptop can also be adding a great deal of stress to your life.  Whether the content is unpleasant or the strain on your eyes from staring at the bright screen, I encourage you to take time out of your day and put the device away.  Pick up a book or magazine, take a walk, or simply spend time just relaxing by listening to an audio book or album.  Trust me, if you start taking this time for yourself each day (whether it is in the morning, late afternoon, or in the evening before bed) you will start to feel more centered and refreshed. 


10. Send a friend a card.

Often we are so wrapped up in our own lives we fall behind on the important things happening in our friends and loved ones lives.  It doesn’t have to be a birthday or celebration card but you should buy or make a card and mail it to someone you have been intending on texting or that family member who you’re playing phone tag with. A short note to tell someone you’re thinking about them will lift their spirits immensely and it will also make you feel more connected with the people you care about most in your life. Check out our Harrison in Print collection here for an original card that is bound to put a smile on anyone’s face!


Let me know how this worked for you and if there are any other tips you would recommend! I love hearing from you so leave your kind words below!


always continue growing.

love, j 






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