three things you need to know about your home decor

Decorating your space is one of the best parts of owning or renting a home. But it can also be one of the most stressful situations. Home decor can be expensive, cluttering, and an extensive project. If you are decorating a new space or redecorating your current space, keep reading for the three decor tips you need now!

everything you own is decor

If you’re trying to keep your spending low during your redecorating process you need to take advantage of everything you already own. Getting creative with your items is going to give you a completely original design and make the space feel extremely personal.  Here are a few ideas to create beautiful, inspiring decor from items you already own.

-Place your favorite magazines in a small stack as decor on a side table to add dimension, personality, and functionality to your space. Your guests can flip through the magazines that add to the definition of your aesthetic.

-Use your makeup (palettes, eyeliners, lip colors) with has packaging that matches your room style for your wall art. All you need is a few small nails to rest your makeup on so it is easily removable if you need to use it! Also add some of your favorite jewelry pieces and maybe a framed picture or quote that you love. This is now your very own creation of functional wall art. You have an art piece unique to you and your favorite products and accessories will always be right where you can see them.

-Your coffee mugs make great functional decor in the kitchen as well. Hang three or five mugs on and empty wall to create a fun coffee corner. 

-Counter space in the kitchen is prime real estate so you don’t want to waste space with decor items that have no purpose. Consider putting your utensils in a pretty vase or crock on the counter. They will give the appearance of decor but also be functional every day.


less is best

If you watch any sort of home design or remodel show you’re familiar with all the extra little details that are added to a room. Before you go out and buy vases, 3D art pieces, and other design items remember that you will be living in this space. While you want your area to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye you also want your home to be functional. Don’t buy decor items just because they match your style. When shopping for the room you’re decorating keep in mind how much space you have for additional decor items after considering how much space is needed for the functionality of the room. aka, don’t clutter up tables with useless accessories so that you hinder your ability to get use out of your beautiful home. Take the time to find the pieces that you really love and that fit in your space well.

Another great reminder is be honest with yourself about how tidy you tend to be. Don’t buy the tray for your keys if you’re never going to put them there. Don’t buy a bunch of throw pillows if you know you never make your bed. If you are real with yourself your space will also be the best version of itself for your every day living.


thrift stores are your friend

Thrifting is taking over these days and for good reason! You can find a lot of unique treasures for your closet and home in thrift and vintage shops. The best part about thrifting is everything can be repurposed. You can use a clothing item you like to reupholster a stool or find unique jars for storage. Always keep in mind while thrifting that you can DIY everything to make it your own - and on a budget! I’m personally becoming more interested in sustainability and how to change my lifestyle to live more sustainable. Thrifting is a part of that! 


I hope this inspires you the next time you redecorate in your home.  I’m always looking for new inspiration for our home and office space so tag @thenineteensixty in your epic home and office photos on Instagram if you used any of these tips!

always look up.

love, j