why you should cancel your netflix subscription today

Most people have a streaming subscription (Netflix, Hulu, etc.) that is taking away a large portion of their lives. I had two different streaming services.  Once I realized how much these services were actually taking from me and my life I cancelled them immediately! Here are three reasons why I got rid of all my streaming services and why you should too!  If you’re not completely convinced after reading this then read on to my challenge I left for you at the end of this post. 

1. The cost really adds up.

If you have a streaming service it is going to cost you about $135 per year depending on what plan you choose. In recent months before I cancelled my subscriptions I noticed that the shows and movies I enjoyed and wanted to watch were being taken off of the service. I found myself scrolling through options to watch for longer than it takes to watch a movie. For $135/year I expect more.  Think of the great vegan meals I could make for $135 or how many miles $135 could buy me on a road trip!

2. Streaming services offer limited options.

As I mentioned, streaming services are removing a lot of great options from their service.  While they are coming out with some really great content of their own (all the love for Stranger Things) I just don't think it’s fair to replace other really great content that I still want to watch!  I understand most companies want to produce their own content to create a hype around their service and a bundle of other reasons but that’s not what I signed up for. 

3. It becomes an excuse to do nothing.

I suddenly realized I was paying for my streaming services to take up my time instead of doing other things I wanted to do.  Watching movies and tv shows through my streaming service became a go to activity after work, in the evenings, and on weekends. After cancelling my services I found that I was able to spend more time on my business, with my family, and I could simply enjoy doing things I hadn’t had time to do before.  Ultimately it is a lot cheaper to rent a movie for one night if you’re craving that kind of entertainment than pay a larger sum for your streaming services each month. 

CHALLENGE: Cancel your subscriptions for one month and then come back and let me know if your life improved in any way! Here are 30 things you can do instead of watching TV.

  1. Read the newspaper

  2. Go through your closet and donate things you no longer wear

  3. Paint your nails

  4. Go for a walk

  5. Bake a fun dessert for a friend

  6. Take a bubble bath

  7. Send a friend a greeting card

  8. Take nature photography

  9. Learn to skateboard

  10. Eat an apple

  11. Doodle in a notebook

  12. Fill up a coloring book

  13. Host a fashion show or clothing swap with friends

  14. Call someone you care about

  15. Play with your pet

  16. Create a bullet journal

  17. Educate yourself on one of the world’s current hot topics

  18. Learn the names of the political leaders in your state

  19. Play a new sport

  20. Make a fruit smoothie

  21. Learn how to say hello in another language

  22. Listen to an old CD

  23. Try a Pinterest DIY wall art (check out my favorites here)

  24. Do your hair in a funky style

  25. Find a new cafe in your area

  26. Make banana nice cream

  27. Film your own music video cover with friends

  28. DIY a clothing item

  29. Listen to an entire album from start to finish

  30. Check out the other blog posts on thenineteensixty.com

stay positive, people.

love, j