30 Minute DIY Fall Decor

Hello autumn!

Fall is finally here and it’s safe to say it is my favorite season.  I adore all the deep colors, the spiced scents, and cuddling up with blankets and a hot cup of cocoa.  I’m also an exceptionally big fan of fall decor.  I love rustic wood pieces, splashes of maroon, hunter green, and gold accents.  The symmetry of leaves and latte foam are great inspirations for fall decor and today I am sharing with you a piece that Kellie and I crafted together to hang in our office!

Supplies are minimal and very inexpensive - honestly most of these supplies we already had from previous projects and one item we found for free! You will need:

10-15 fabric leaves

12-14 wood circle pieces

clear jewelry string

1 package cup hooks

1 long piece of drift wood or stick

Yarn or string (for hanging)

Gold or bronze spray paint

Small needle

Pliers and awl

Kellie and I already had the wood pieces and the leaves on hand from previous projects and we went to the beach (free!) to find a long piece of driftwood as our base for the project.  We had the perfect color of yarn in our yarn basket and we had left over spray paint (because we spray paint almost everything gold) so the only items we had to purchase for this project were the jewelry string at the craft store and the cup hooks from the hardware store.


The first step in this project is to spray the front and back of your fabric leaves. It is important to make sure that both sides are completely covered so that when the leaves hang they look uniform even if they fall and twist in different directions.  We simply taped the stems of the leaves to the bottom inside of a box and sprayed one side.  Give it a little dry time, flip the leaves over, and spray an even coat on the back.  I love the way these leaves turned out because the gold paint enhances the veins in the leaves and adds a really great textural moment to this wall hanging.  


While your leaves are drying, you’ll want to start putting the cup hooks into your wood circles with the awl and pliers.  Use the awl to make an small hole in opposite ends of your wood circles and then screw the cup hooks into the wood pieces using pliers to help keep the hooks straight.  All the wood circles will get a cup hook on the top and the bottom except for the wood circle that will hang at the bottom of each string of circles. I chose to do a gradient look for our project so I used larger circles on the top and smaller circles on the bottom but you can do any pattern or look you prefer with the size of the circles. You will also need to put cup cooks in the drift wood or stick that you are using as your base.  I needed three because I chose to do three columns of wood circles. 


After your leaves have dried completely use the string and needle to thread the string through the top of the leaf, then behind the leaf, and out the bottom of the leaf.  Tie a small knot in the string to keep your leaf from sliding down and then repeat the process with two or three more leaves until you reach the length that you desire.  I used three columns of wood circles and four strings of leaves.  I didn’t measure the width in between the leaves because I wanted it to have a more natural look to juxtapose with the symmetry of the wood circles.  


The final step is to assemble the wall hanging.  Hang your circles in the order you prefer and then tie the strings of leaves in between each column of circles.  Add your yarn or twine tied off on both ends of the stick and you are ready to display your awesome fall garland! The best thing about this is that it isn’t Halloween or Thanksgiving themed so you can leave it up from September to November and come winter you can just swap out the leaves for snowflakes and this DIY decor is ready for another few months!

Thanks for checking in this week.  If you make this wall hanging be sure to tag us on Instagram @thenineteensixty

exercise your creativity.  

love, j