Hello!! We’re back! (I’ve been watching a lot of Dolan Twins videos lately.) It’s hard to believe just in the blink of an eye 2018 is gone.  Like, what? I honestly didn’t even see it coming.  Each day was so busy, I was working a bunch of overtime at my job, I ended up getting sick for a week in December, and I totally fell off track with the blog schedule so I feel like the holiday season just passed me by and I didn’t even get a chance to enjoy it.  I am incredibly grateful for this new year though.  Every day is a new opportunity for change and growth but there is something extra enticing about a new year.  It is a time for reflection on the past year, assessing your life and its current direction, and setting goals for yourself.  We have all made resolutions that we never stick to so this year I am setting goals that are important to me but also achievable.  

I’m going to use this post as an opportunity to walk myself through my goals and to detail exactly what I want from this year and from myself.  Setting goals is so much more difficult than just saying you want something.  When writing down goals you want to be extremely specific because being too broad will only let you forget about your goal more quickly.  In my bullet journal I jotted down a few quick bullets of things I want from this year like eating healthier, exercising more, and broadening my horizons.  But in a few weeks I am not going to feel inclined to stick to those goals if I am not more specific with my goal setting.  My best advice for you is to write out your goals and add as much detail as you possibly can.  

Mainly my goals are about my health.  I really want to spend this year becoming the best version of myself physically and mentally that I can and that means having my health in tip top shape.  I want to eat better, exercise, blah blah blah.  That means nothing if I don’t have a plan I can follow.  So I set realistic goals that I can achieve and feel good about.  I also set some goals to help myself grow mentally and to help work on our brand and business. 

  1. For the entire month of January I will eat raw until 4 and drink celery juice every morning.  

  2. I will limit the processed foods I eat to one treat (splurge) per week as long as it is gluten and corn free.

  3. I will eat three apples every day to help detox and rejuvenate my body.  

  4. I will take my water bottle with me every where I go.  I challenge myself to refill my water bottle at least 6 times throughout the day.

  5. I will do some form of exercise four times a week such as a Blogilates video, a walk outside, or light weight training.  

  6. I challenge myself to journal at least four times per week by setting aside 20 minutes in the morning or in the evening entirely dedicated to free write.  

  7. I will stick to a posting schedule for the blog and instagram by mapping out at least three weeks in advance to avoid rushed content.

Those are the goals, people! Day one and two of the new year went well.  I definitely ate better than I have been the last few weeks and today Kel and I took Harrison for a nice long walk outside so I’m feeling good about my goals right now.  The important thing is to keep checking in with yourself and to be vocal about your goals.  If you have a friend by your side encouraging you then you are so much more likely to keep going.  Kel and I are pushing each other to eat raw, exercise, and stay on track growing our brand and business.  

I’m going to leave this post like this for now.  I’ll check back in with you next Wednesday to see how the first week is going and if I’ve made any modifications to the goals to help myself achieve them better.   Happy New Year, friends! Set exceptional goals for yourself!

keep moving forward.