Checking in with our goals after 1 week.

Back again, friends! It’s already week two of 2019 and I have been hustling and slaying trying to make the most of this year.  Kel and I have set some great goals for our brand and our business and I have made some big personal goals to continue my education on a vegan lifestyle and to take better care of myself.  This past week was all about getting back into a routine and creating new habits.  One of my favorite parts of the new year is all of the inspiration you can pull from everyone around you.  Everyone is looking to refresh and grow into something bigger and better and it is so easy to just get yourself up and moving when everyone around you is also trying to be their best.  The tricky part is staying on your game when others around you may start to lose sight of those resolutions and goals.  I love an idea board, and inspiration board, a trend board, or a real life Pinterest board.  Whatever you call it they are so amazing for getting yourself moving and wanting to work on your goals.  Kel and I actually did some work in my room today like some DIY Valentine’s decorating (I know, it’s early! But I figure if I get it up now I can enjoy it that much longer!)   So my room is looking all cute and festive with splashes of pink against my white walls and grayscale bedding and is inspiring me to keep creating.  We are putting together a blog post based on the decorating we did for Valentine’s day and we also have some other cool posts in the works that we did some prep for today.  We also created a space on my wall that will be a inspiration board/wall for pictures, quotes, and other media that I feel super connected to.  I’ll share the final product on our Instagram so make sure you give us a follow over there!

My main goals were to get my body moving during the week, stay hydrated, eat a mostly raw diet, and work on the brand for our business.  I’ll be truthful with you - I did not eat raw until 4 everyday (my original goal) but I did eat that way most days.  Kel and I treated ourselves with a Dunkin Donuts latte and bagel but instead of three times this past week it was just one time so I say that’s progress! We also made some really good vegetable soups for dinner so those were very satisfying but healthy! I ate three apples everyday (except today, I am short one apple!) so I am really proud of myself for sticking to that goal.  I’ve also been drinking my celery juice so my system is detoxing and I am feeling better each day.  Like I said before we have been doing a bunch of work for our brand and trying to make these blog posts as helpful as possible.  This week the post is probably not teaching you anything new but I do hope that by sharing my goals and week one progress you are getting inspired to either set goals if you haven’t or stick to the ones you have set.  As I was drafting a schedule for blog posts I decided I wanted to try to do one post a month that was dedicated to my goals.  Checking in with myself helps keep me on track but being held accountable by the blog and our readers is going to help keep my goals right in front of me.  I haven’t decided how I will write the check in posts but I’ll do something kind of different with each one so they are new and don’t get too repetitive for anyone interested in reading.  I suggest you do the same with your goals.  Set a day each month whether it be at the beginning or end of the month and check in with yourself to see how you are doing.  What have you done to get closer to your goal?  What is hindering you from reaching your goal?  Have your goals changed at all? Modify your goals and help yourself succeed this year! 

Next week I want to share with you some of the recipes we have been trying and the tricks I use to get myself eating healthy, exercising, drinking water, and staying motivated to build a business while working a full time job.  I hope it will help you start achieving any goals you have and make 2019 your most breathtakingly wonderful year yet.

get out there and move! 

hugs, j