Mid-quarter check-in: Setting & completing goals for your business


Hey friends! We always say time is flying by too fast but it seems to be escaping me even more quickly since I have been tracking each day! I talked about how I was progressing on health and fitness goals in a previous week’s post which you can read here. This week I wanted to take the time to focus on the other type of goals I set for myself.  Aside from making my health even more of a priority this year I wanted to really focus on growing my small business with my sister.  We have a small collection of products we create and sell but we have a lot of work to do in order to grow our business and brand to a point where potentially we could 100% work from home for ourselves (dreams!!)  If you have a dream or a passion to start your own business or if you want to focus your time this year on your dream career I hope this post can inspire you a bit! 

lay it all out

Setting goals is a lot harder than you might think.  If you just say I want my small business to grow - that is not a goal, that is a wish and wishes don’t come true unless you work for them! A better goal would be I will find 4 new shops this year that will carry my products.  Then you can lay out sub goals for that goal detailing how you plan on getting that checkmark next to your goal.  We want to find some new outlets to share our products in so we will look for a variety of shops in different areas that ideally fit our aesthetic and targeted customer base. We will look at locally owned small businesses to find boutiques, juice bars, and cafes that are good candidates to carry our product.  After I put together a list of places I would like to see my products in I will have to approach the shop owner and see if we can work something out to get my products in their shop.  I may hear some no thank you or not right nows from them but that is all a part of the process of growing a business and a brand.  By making a nice organized list of all the specific goals I want to accomplish with our business in the next year I can look at it any time of the year and see if I am on track and if not I can figure out exactly where I fell off track and get back towards those goals.  Definitely get this list written down in your bullet journal or on an inspiration wall in your bedroom or office.  The same process can be used for furthering your career.  You can figure out where you want to be and realistically set goals for how long it will take you to get to that position and detail some opportunities you can take advantage of to help you learn more and grow into that position.

work, work, work

If I have learned anything about owning a small business it is that if you don’t work on it no one else is going to either.  So if I don’t do anything business related for a day, or two days, or a week then I have lost all that time that I could have been growing my brand because I promise you other people just like me spent that time growing their brand or business.  I work a full time job, I try to meet up with friends, I love to spend time cooking, and I need to fit in time to work on my business every day.  Setting specific goals means nothing if you don’t have the time in your day to work on them. I challenge myself going forward to map out time at the beginning of the week for business tasks.  Depending on my work schedule and when Kel and I can work on tasks together this may change but mapping out specific blocks of time to work on our business is a must in order to grow more this year.  I love using my planner I found at TJ Maxx.  It is super cute and aesthetically pleasing but more importantly it has a ton of space for writing.  I can use the monthly calendar to schedule blog posts and certain tasks we need to complete but then I can use the weekly spreads to jot down ideas and plan out day by day what we need to get done.  I also like to schedule my social media posts if possible.  I am not always the best at posting on social media so it is really important for me to have pictures and posts planned out so I can just hit post and be done!

reflection is important too

Sometimes no matter how specific we are with our goals and what we want they are still seemingly impossible to reach.  If you find that a few weeks have gone by and you aren’t making any progress on your goals instead of getting frustrated with yourself or your goal take a step back from it.  Take a few days away from it and then come back with fresh eyes and see how you can take on this goal from a different direction.  Sometimes you need to alter your goal and update it so that it is more achievable.  If you are frustrated with your goal you must reassess so that you accomplish your goal.  Giving up on goals only discourages you and lowers your confidence in yourself.  If I am trying to write blog posts and get them done ahead of time but I am struggling with one topic I really want to write on I will put it away for a few days and if when I come back I still can’t figure out how to write it or what to say then maybe 1) the idea is kind of sucky and I shouldn’t be writing it or 2) I don’t have enough experience in that area to write the post yet or 3) I need to put the ideas I have to the side and reassess the post in a few months.  Regardless, I need to write a blog post.  Period.  I always try to reflect on my week so I can be better the next week.  Self improvement helps your business, brand, and career. 

I don’t know about you but I am so inspired just after writing this - I want to work, work, work now! Take this post and run with it - right towards your dream goals.  I’ll see you guys next week with another new post.  I am loving that I am staying on schedule with the blog posts lately so get ready for a ton of new content coming at you every week! 

stay motivated, friends!

- j